Men And Sex: Debunking Myths

When it comes to men and sex you think you may know, however you don’t. There are some things that have come to light as socially accepted theories, however they couldn’t be more off base. Let’s take a look at what we mean.

It’s commonly assumed that younger couples have the best sex. This is attributed to the stamina, quick orgasms, and athletic take to making love. However, studies have shown that older couples tend to get more out of sex both emotionally and physically. The lovemaking lasts longer and there is more of a focus on the emotional connection than anything else. If you are having trouble lasting longer than just a quicky you should try benzocaine products which you can learn about at

Condoms can actually add pleasure to sex. Contrary to popular belief, if you find the right size and type of condom you are going to enjoy sex more. It’s estimated by medical studies that about sixty-eight percent of men chose the wrong condom size. This can make the condom slide around and create more of a burden than pleasure. Test out a few different sizes, flavors, and types before deciding on just one.

Vaginal penetration alone typically won’t bring a woman to orgasm. Although the action feels good, it’s not usually enough to bring her over the edge. You need to be stimulating the clitoris to make this happen.

Foreplay is essential. For women it usually takes about thirty minutes of foreplay until her body is fully relaxed and ready for you. This can seem like a long time but with a delay climax cream you can ensure that you don’t reach your point of ejaculation before you even get started with penetration.

Learning to control your ejaculation can mean the difference between her having mind blowing pleasure and her being bored. This can be easily done with a few simple behavioral techniques. For those who would rather go for the quick fix, Enlast Cream can help to delay your climax.